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One of the largest issues facing newcomers to the NFT space is lack of information, specifically about projects they are interested in buying.

In an effort to combat this, the NFT Project Manifest was created. It is a simple representation of an NFT projects metadata.

This information supports users in making a more informed decision about whether a project aligns with their goals and their risk tolerance.

The main goal of the manifest is to make it easier for users to do their own research, find crucial NFT project information, and help foster smarter decision making.

The manifest also presents a technical implementation which allows automated 3rd party services to easily scrape relevant project data.

Manifest standard

A simple way for projects to incorporate a manifest page onto their website, which contains crucial project information in an easily digestible format users.

Key manifest content (for Creators)

Recommended including at least the following project information:

Manifest file (for Crawlers)

The manifest file for web crawlers contains the publishing URLs for your project metadata. It should be named .nftmanifest and served from the root (your NFT project website's top-level directory).

A typical manifest looks something like this:

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Suggested Crawler Behavior

It is recommended that crawlers indicate the date when a manifest was scraped and re-scrape the file once a day as manifests are likely to evolve over a project’s lifetime.

Data Validation

Validate your manifest

Example manifests

Currently accepting new example reference manifests!

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Request for comment

At this stage the definition of manifest properties is deliberately permissive. It is up to the NFT community to have a debate about exact standardized manifest properties.

We openly invite the community to adopt and build on this standard. Let us know your thoughts and share your feedback!

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The NFT project manifest is an initiative of the StableTown project. We advocate for initiatives that help build a stronger NFT ecosystem.

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